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CANOGA PARK CA- Congratulations to brand new owners Jose Uribe and James Quemada who have opened a new Pro Image Sports store at the Westfield Topanga in Southern California! 

Both Jose and James come into the Pro Image Sports family with many years of experience in sports retail industry. James worked for Fanzz for many years and actually hired Jose to work with him.

Jose’s first job with James didn’t come easy though, as James put him through three rigorous interviews before finally hiring him for a part time stock manager position. Jose eventually worked his way up to store manager and he and James maintained a fun and competitive working relationship constantly challenging each other for top yearly sales in the nation.

With a combined 27 years of experience in the industry–not to mention a natural enthusiasm for sports–opening their own store together seemed a logical next step. Once they heard the NFL was coming back to Los Angeles, they knew it was now or never–so they worked hard to raise the capital they needed to launch. “The Rams played a huge role in our decision making,” says Jose.

They spent a long time looking for the right SoCal location and eventually settled on Topanga with the help of Burr Calapp.  Of course they had to be thorough, what else would you expect of someone who interviews a part-time stock manager three times before a hire?

The two of them have big goals for expansion down the road, and they’re just getting started. All of us at Pro Image Sports want to congratulate Jose and James on the new store and wish them great success!

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