These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things


The holidays are filled with festivities and cheer, the amount of which the latter occurs depends largely on how well your NFL or collegiate team is performing this time of year, but what gets me and every other super fan geeked with anticipation is to see what team licensed gift Santa brings us.


I hear the same thing over and over talking to customers this time of year. They or their loved ones already, “Have everything” when it comes to product for their favorite team. Coming from a fanatic that has everything I promise if you visit your local Pro Image Sports, or check out, you will find a plethora of cool product that will surprise the fan in your family, or even better, yourself!


Here are a few of my favorite things from this year that are hot in almost every market in the country.



Tervis has been a popular item for some time now, but there is nothing better than the Big Daddy 24 oz. I love the versatility of the tumbler. It is big, but tapers at the bottom so it fits in any cup holder in your car, and comes with a lifetime guarantee if it breaks. They come in myriad of colorways and patterns now, so even if you have the 16 oz. basic tumbler, you’ll find the new size and style a fresh upgrade that you’ll end up using on a daily basis.




I pretty much love every piece of outerwear M&N produces, from their vests to their coats, but I’m particularly in love with their track jackets. Track jackets from M&N or Starter (yes THAT Starter) that are either satin or 100% polyester with a satin-like finish have been in high demand. The fashion aspect cannot be understated. I’m partial to the Bulls, but just about every NBA or NFL team looks slick in this style. The felt tackle twill applique logo adds a quality to the jacket that screams authentic awesomeness.

Bulls satin



In case you didn’t get the memo, sick socks have been the hottest team licensed accessory of 2014. For Bare Feet produces the majority of the styles team licensed socks for all NFL teams, NBA teams, fuzzy socks and current NBA player socks. There have been a few other companies spring up such as Strideline and Odd Sox, but my favorite socks are from Stance, who was the first company to put old school players on socks. My personal favorites have been ones featuring Allen Iverson, Bill Laimbeer & Isaiah Thomas (because I pattern my rec-ball game after the the former), but hands down, the cream of the crop are the John Stockton-to-Karl Malone socks. They’ll make you’re feet pick-and-rolling the day away in style.




The University of Oregon kicked things off with a flurry of different helemts and uniform combinations, but now it seems nearly every school is on the alternate helmet bandwagon. Luckily for fans and collectors, Riddell & Schutt have produced a large quantity of alternate helmets for teams as prominent Notre Dame and as obscure as Richmond. The detail of the helmets is what is so cool. There is nothing left out, even the Ohio State helemts come with buckeye stickers to decorate. Which in my book is super cool.




It really is difficult to find a truly unique, new item that has never been done before, and Foamheads has hit a home run with their 3D Fan Foam Logo Sign. It looks fresh and cool as a wall piece in any mancave, but also has a hand strap on the back so you can pack it with you to the game and easily wave as you cheer on your team. May the foam finger forever rest in piece. It had a nice 30 year run!


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