The Legend of Johnny

The excitement for “Johnny Football” is continuing to rise as he entered camp earlier this month.  Now with his tenure at Texas A&M behind him, Johnny can look forward to his professional career with the Cleveland Browns in the upcoming 2014-2015 NFL season.  Manziel’s draft profile was quite compelling. He set at least 35 NCAA and SEC records during his two-year stint at Texas A&M.

After waiting for more than two hours to be drafted, Manziel was selected in the 1st round by the Cleveland Browns with the 22nd pick overall. Once on stage, Manziel strutted in front of the cameras raising his hands and making a “money” gesture with his fingers, which baffled many in attendance.


Despite the high expectations and showmanship, Manziel was quickly reminded by Jimmy Haslem, majority owner of the browns, that the starting Quarterback would continue to be Brian Hoyer for the time being.  However, that hasn’t stopped fans from rushing to go and buy Manziel’s jersey. Currently, he has the top selling jersey, and already is the 4th highest selling of all time.

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