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Prem Benipal, 4 Store Owner

We opened our first Pro Image Sports store in 2011 and have not looked back. We have since opened a few more stores and even converted an existing store into a Pro Image Sports. The networking and resources of becoming a Pro Image Franchisee has really helped put our stores in a position to succeed. Being a part of the Pro Image Sports family, you have access to endless support from experienced individuals in the corporate offices as well as countless store owners who have seemingly been through it all. Not only had this opportunity given us the chance to develop a healthy, growing business, but it has provided us a lifetime of friends.

Prem Benipal

Mark Dobbins, 1 Store Owner

When I opened the store, the assistance I received from everybody at the corporate office was amazing, and has continued to be in my 8 years.

The most important aspect of merchandising through time is keeping product fresh, not being afraid to change up the store, making sure things rotate, customers need to see a fresh product and a fresh setup.

Mark Dobbins

Paul Shillingstad, 11 Store Owner

I have been a Pro Image Sports franchisee for 12 years now and I enjoy being self-employed. My wife and I bought out the previous franchisee who had operated 1 small store. We have since grown to 9 stores in a 5 state area. Although it is challenging it is also rewarding being your own boss. For anyone who is a big sports nut like me it is a great career choice. Being part of a franchise group allows us access to many resources and services that would be unattainable if we were on our own.

Compared to my previous job, I was working 60 hours a week and I figured if I was going to work those kind of hours I want to do it for myself. I appreciate the freedom of having my own schedule and own business, and being my own boss.

Paul Shillingstad
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