How Confident Are You In Your Team?

I thought this was awesome seeing a fan throw down for a Seahawks Super Bowl championship tattoo even before last week’s NFC championship game.  At least one of these two got it right…  The following is from

Just because New England hasn’t won the AFC Championship Game yet doesn’t mean you can’t buy Patriots conference championship t-shirts. Despite the fact that the Patriots-Broncos game hasn’t been played yet, a sports store in New York City is already selling shirts that proclaim the Patriots as AFC champions.

According to the Twitter user who spotted the shirts, they’re available at Modell’s in Manhattan, only 15 miles from MetLife Stadium where Super Bowl XLVIII will be played.

Selling the shirts really isn’t a huge mistake. If the NFL contacts the owner of the store, all the owner has to do is pull the shirts off the rack. A huge mistake would be getting a tattoo that says your team has already won Super Bowl XLVIII because if your team doesn’t win Super Bowl XLVIII, then you’re kind of stuck with the tattoo.

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